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Special Waste Permit

Apply for a special waste permit

Apply for a special waste permit

A special waste permit is required for the disposal of “Difficult” or “Discretionary” waste at the Landfill (operated by AB Lime). If your waste material is defined as Special Waste you will need to apply for a special waste permit.

Application Fee

There is a $25 application fee to apply for a Special Waste Permit.  This fee will be billed to your company and the associated disposal charge will be billed to transport company.


Contact the Invercargill City Council on (03) 211-1777 if you would like any assistance.

Special Waste Permit Application

To become a registered user simply enter a user name, email address and password into the New User section of the log in screen.

Once you have registered, the Your Permits page will appear, and provide you with the option to create a new permit application.

Complete all the fields with the applicable information – please note that you will have to confirm the name of the company who will transport your waste material to the landfill to be able to submit your application.

(If yes, we will request to see this once your application is approved)

Authorised Users Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges are those set by WasteNet Southland for the period of 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

These charges also include the Government Waste Disposal Levy of $50 (ex GST) per tonne, and $62.31 (ex GST) per tonne for New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme costs. These charges may be subject to change through unforeseen circumstances.

The Landfill Operator’s surcharge for Other Controlled Waste will be determined by the Landfill Operator when the Landfill Operator gives notice of such waste becoming a Controlled Waste.
The Landfill Operator will determine applicable charges that are additional to the standard permit application fee (or the basis for such additional charges) at the time of processing an application for a Special Waste Permit.

A list of authorised landfill users can be found here.

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