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What goes in my bin?

Not sure which bin something should go in?

Try our handy search function to find out which item/material goes in which bin or if you need to dispose of it differently.

Key dates / how we’re doing

Jan 2024

Battery recycling collection points implemented

Feb 2024

Standardisation of kerbside collection beginning. See what is changing.

Sep 2024

WasteNet Community Grant applications open


Waste Free Wanda in Schools in Southland. Click to register your school’s interest

What goes in your yellow kerbside recycling?

We’re getting better at ‘what’ goes in yellow kerbside recycling bins. Let’s nail ‘how’…

Here are a few things you can do to take your recycling to the next level!

  • Wash but don’t squash your recycling
  • Remove lids, tops & caps
  • Flatten boxes
  • No food-contaminated items please

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Working together for zero waste

This joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (the Plan) presents a vision for the region recognising the need to work together to maximise opportunities to divert waste from landfill but also noting challenges to the recycling markets will continue to impact on the services we deliver. 

View the full document here.

Don’t let your rates go to waste

Authorised Waste Permit

The landfill is not open to the public, only Authorised Users are allowed to dispose of waste at the facility. You will need to make prior arrangements with an Authorised User before you are able to submit your application for a Special Waste Permit.