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Please note: Our address search system is undergoing upgrades; if you find the search is not working, please check the bin day calendars for your local council below and, if needed, contact your local council.

In addition to the “Find Your Bin Day”, SDC and ICC residents are recommended to download the Antenno app to receive bin day reminders on your mobile device. Antenno is available for free for iPhone and Android devices. Setup is easy and doesn’t require signing-up!

(Sorry the bin search is currently undergoing maintenance)

  1. Type your address: i.e. 303 Bond Street (give it a few seconds to load)
  2. Click your address if it shows below the search, or click the ‘search’ button
  3. If you needed to click the green ‘search’ button, you will see a green link below the search box with your address, click this link.

If the system did not display any results:

  • Your address may not be serviced
  • You are a new owner, and your details may not be in our system yet. WasteNet updates the addresses serviced from time to time, so please check back at a later date.
  • If your search failed to return a service date and you are serviced, kindly contact WasteNet

Handy Tips

  1. If you are unsure of your bin day, please look outside your street to see if others have put their bin out.
  2. If it’s windy outside and your bin is barely filled, in order to avoid the bin toppling over and spilling its contents, you might want to consider waiting until it is sufficiently filled for collection.
  3. If your bin is only getting partially emptied, then it may be overstuffed or compacted.  If the rubbish would have been pushed tightly against the bin walls, it may get stuck at the bottom when the bin gets tipped completely upside-down.  Please put rubbish loosely to ensure that they get emptied completely. If your food scraps are sticking, put a little bit of water in the bottom of your bin to loosen things up.

Public Holiday Bin Collection

Often when there is a public holiday, the day your bin/s are collection will be affected. Please check the calendar below to find out how the upcoming public holiday affects your recycling and rubbish services.

Kerbside Collection Calendars 2024

Gore District Council