a selection of sports equipment - balls, rackets, bats

Sports Equipment

Balls, rackets, clubs, bats, nets, footwear, trampolines, safety pads


Check out SPARC (Sport and Recreation New Zealand) for more information about sports clubs, recreation opportunities and general sport information in New Zealand.



Kiwi's are an active bunch and enjoy getting out into our great outdoors for recreation and/or sports.  Here are a few suggestions on how to reduce the need for sports equipment:

  • Hire the equipment from a sport club.   If you are just starting out or trialling the sport it can be cheaper to hire the gear first (before you fully commit to it)
  • Share sports equipment with family, friends and neighbours
  • Ask you local school if you can borrow equipment over the school holidays



Rather than replace the equipment, why not see if the gear can be repaired.  Check out the Sports Goods Repairs and Retail agents listed in the yellow pages.



Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with sports equipment in good working order:

  • Give away to friends, family, neighbour
  • Donate to local school or sports club
  • On sell




If the sports equipment cannot be reused the next best option is disposal to landfill through either your local refuse collection service or transfer station.

Where do I dispose of it?