Bag of rubbish


Trash, garbage, waste, litter, scraps

On average each Southlander disposes of 540 kg of rubbish every year.  Rubbish is what people throw away because they no longer need or want it.  We get rid of it by putting it in the rubbish bin.  But do we need to make so much waste?



You can reduce rubbish.  The easiest way to reduce rubbish is not to make it.  We can reduce the amount of waste we make by buying fewer products and purchasing products that last longer.

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Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with your rubbish:

  • Repair and upgrade products
  • Refill your drink bottle
  • Use secondhand shops and trade-in centres
  • Purchase secondhand car
  • Car tyres are tied onto docks and wharfs to reduce damage to moored boats
  • Steel drums can be remade into stock feeding troughs
  • Yesterday's newspaper can be wrapping up tonights take-aways

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Some types of rubbish can be recycled.  Recycling involves breaking an item into its different parts, adding raw material and rebuild it into a new item. 

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If you cannot reduce, reuse or recycle your rubbish, then the next best practical option is disposal to the regional landfill through your local collection, transfer station or private contractor.  The regional landfill has been built to a high environmental design standard making the risk of harming the environment significantly lower than your own farm or home landfill.

Where to dispose of it?