A floral quilt


Blanket, duvet


See Also Clothing



To minimise the need to replace quilts, where practical purchase good quality quilts that can last a lifetime.



Rather than replacing your torn quilt, why not repair it.  If you are not a confident sower, check out the Clothing alternations and repairs agents listed in the yellow pages.


Quilts in good conditions can be onsold, donate to charity or taken to a second hand store.


If the quilt is torn or damaged, it could be reused as:

  • Pet bedding
  • Donate to the SPCA for bedding
  • Cut the quilt into squares and make into new patchwork quilt
  • Keep for foam stuffing for another project





Quilts and blankets can be recycled through Clothing bins.

How to recycle it?
  • wash and dry it
Where to recycle it?
  • Local clothing bin
  • Apteryx Clothing