a piece of white polystyrene


White polystyrene packaging including shaped, beans and chips.


You can reduce the need for polystyrene packaging by purchasing products packaged in non-polystyrene packaging i.e. cardboard moulds or biodegradable shells.  Some manufacturers have redesigned their packaging to hold products in cardboard moulds. 

There are alternatives to polystyrene packaging:

  • biodegradable shells (these can be fed into your compost bin)
  • cardboard moulds (recyclable)



Here are a few ideas on what else you can do with your polystyrene packaging:

  • Keep it to use again when you relocate
  • Break the polystyrene down and refill your bean-bag
  • Place polystyrene at the bottom of a pot plant holder, and it will help with drainage
  • Polystyrene is an excellent insulator.  If you want to keep something cool or warm, you can pack polystyrene around it to slow the transfer of energy



Non-food grade polystyrene can be recycled.

How do I recycle it?
  • Broken into A3 sized pieces.
Where do I recycle it?