a white or clear plastic shopping bag

Plastic Bag

Shopping bags, grocery bags, bread bags

Single-use plastic shopping bags are banned in New Zealand from 1 July 2019.   To find out more information visit Ministry for the Environment.



You can reduce the need for plastic bags by BYOB - bringing your own bag.   Cloth or reusable bags are a good alternative to plastic bags. 

Where do I buy reusable bags?
  • Local supermarket
  • Retail store
  • Craft shops or shows
  • Make your own from calico fabric
  • Luggage or bag shop



Here are a few suggestions on how you can reuse your plastic bag:

  • Use again for carrying groceries
  • Rubbish bin liner
  • Carry sports gear or footwear
  • Bread bags are good for carrying your lunch
  • Freeze leftovers
  • Doggy-doo bags
  • Bike seat cover on rainy days


Plastic bags are recyclable.

Where do I recycle it?
  • Local recycling service  
  • Recycle drop off Centre
  • Look for the big red bin or Plastic bag collection bins at your local supermarket