sheets of white paper


Newspaper, office paper, white to coloured, glossy to newsprint, letters to calendars

The majority of paper and cardboard products can be recycled, its just that some types are harder to recycle than others.  Paper that is waxed, pasted or coated with plastic are usually not recyclabled (as the process can be too expensive).

Old newspapers are generally made into new newsprint, egg cartons or paperboard.  Corrugated boxes are made into new corrugated boxes or paperboard.  High-grade white paper can be made into a variety of products including stationary, newsprint, paper for magazines or books.


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There are a number of ways you can reduce and even eliminate paper.

Eliminate paper
  • Using a whiteboard to record your messages and errands
  • Read the online version of newspapers, magazines and books
  • To keep in touch with family and friends use email, social networking sites or call 


Reduce paper
  • Only print what you need
  • Set your default printer settings to 'double-sided' at home and at work
  • Share publications and develop an internal distribution list


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Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with paper:

  • Set up a GOOS (Good On One Side) paper box at home and/or work for your single-sided paper. 
  • Turn your single-sided paper into notepads, memo cubes, shopping lists
  • Rainy day art and craft projects with children (paper pirate hats, origami, paper mache)
  • Make your own recycled paper
  • Can be fed into compost bin or worm farm.



Paper can be recycled.  Did you know that recycled paper is made from waste paper that is mixed with fresh wood pulp.

How do I recycle it?
  • Keep the paper flat


Where do I recycle it?
  • Local recycling service
  • Recycle drop off centre