Open tin of red paint with a paint brush


Paint for interior and exterior projects, thinners, turpentine, mineral spirits and solvents.

Paint requires special disposal practices.  These products must never be poured down storm drains, drains, the household sink (especially if you have a septic tank) or onto the ground.  Paints can be recycled see below for more information.   

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To reduce paint waste, only buy what you need.  Carefully measure the area to paint and use the coverage recommendations on the paint label or seek advice from your paint supplier. 

There are alternatives to using paint.  Here are a few suggestions on how to reduce the need for painting:

  • Use an oil or wax to bring out the natural colours of the wood
  • Look for natural or eco-paints that are non-toxic
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Ideas for the interior
  • Use decorative and easy to remove wall-stickers
  • Use fabric to liven up the walls
  • Place a folding screen in front of a blank wall to add colour and focus
  • Hang up fabric or wallpaper panels



Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with your leftover paint:

  • Use it for touch-ups and/or smaller projects
  • Add another coat to your paint finish for extra protection
  • Uuse for creating signs and banners
  • Store it - paint can last for years.  Cover with plastic wrap, place the lid on securely and store upside down (out of reach from children)


Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with empty paint can or pail:

  • Reuse them as paint pots or buckets
  • Use them as a bucket



Paints and paint cans are able to be recycled. 

How do I recycle it?
  • Simply drop off the leftover paint (and/or empty paint tin) at the appropriate facility


Where do I recycle it?


Resene Paintwise Programme

When you purchase Resene branded paint, the price includes a disposal charge.  When you are finished with the empty paint can or even if you have left over paint, they will take back the product for recycling.   They also accept non-branded Resene paints (for a small fee).



If you do not have access to reuse or recycling options, unwanted paint is accepted at the hazardous waste shed at your local Transfer Station.  Thinners, solvents and turpentine can be disposed of at the hazardous waste shed too. 


Where do I dispose of it?