Two CFL lightbulbs

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

CFL, fluroscent, halogen, LED 

See Also Incandescent light bulb


You can reduce the need for light bulbs:

  • Take advantage of natural lighting were possible by opening curtains and blinds
  • If you are retrofitting or building a new house ask your architect or builder about where best to place windows or skylights to take advantage of natural light
  • Consider installing timers or sensors which will help make your bulbs last longer by only having them on when you need them
  • Consider where you could cheaply replace outdoor lights with simple outdoor solar lights
  • Change to mercury free CFL (Compact Fluroscent Light) bulbs
  • Change to LED lights


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Yes you can recycle energy efficient light bulbs.

Where do I recycle them?
  • Mitre 10 (Learn more)
  • see your local Electrical wholesaler
  • Interwaste collects Fluorescent (FL) and High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps


Broken energy efficient light bulbs can be disposed of in the rubbish bin. 
How do I dispose of it?
  • Wrap the bulb in newspaper
  • Use a damp cloth to collect the fine particles (do not use a vacuum)
  • Place in Landfill-Rubbish bin or approved landfill-rubbish bag


Where do I dispose of it?
  • Local landfill-rubbish collection service