A green 2 seater couch


Chairs, table, sofa, couch, bed, mattress 

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To minimise the need to replace furniture where practicable choose good quality furniture that can last you a lifetime (or longer). Alternatively you could go with the second-hand option, where you can find some amazing, one-off unique pieces.


Rather than replacing the item, why not see if the piece can be repaired.  Check out the Furniture and Upholster Repair agents listed in the yellow pages.


Furniture in good working order can be onsold, donated to charity or taken to second hand stores or drop off at your local transfer station.


Furniture can be recycled if you are willing to break it down into its separate components:


If you are unable to reuse or recycle the furniture, the next best practical option is disposal to the regional landfill through your local transfer station. 


Where do I dispose of it?