A selection of make-up


Make-up, beauty products, moisturisers, lipstick, nail polish, plastic compacts


You can reduce the need to purchase cosmetics by

  • Make your own.  Google or check out your local library for information on 'how to make your own cosmetics'.
  • When you purchase cosmetics, check for environmentally friendly and 'not tested on animal' labels.  
  • Where possbile purchase products in recyclable packaging i.e. glass jars or plastic cases.


Cosmetics are not recyclable, but their empty containers might be.  Check out what products are recyclable in your area.



If you have unwanted cosmetics the best way to dispose of them is to the regional landfill through your local rubbish collection service. 

Did you know ...

Nail polish remover is listed as hazardous substance and needs to be treated before it can be disposed of.  The best way to dispose of unwanted nail polish remover is to drop it off at the Hazardous waste shed at your local transfer station