Bottle of cooking/vegetable oil

Cooking Oil

Vegetable oil and fats

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Here are a few ideas on what else you can do with used cooking oil

  • Make into bird feeders - small amounts of used lard/fat can be mixed with seeds to make bird cakes
  • Small quantities can be composted


Maybe.  If you have a small amount of cooking oil, contact a local restaurant and ask if they would take it to recycle with their oil. 

Commerical Quantities

Yes, you can recycle commerical quantities of cooking oil. 

What happens to it?

The cooking oil is refined and made into a bio-fuel.  Used oil is in demand from those who have converted cards to run off vegetable oil. 


If you are unable to reuse or recycle cooking oil, the next best practical option is to solidify the oil by mixing it with sawdust or shredded paper and disposing of it to the regional landfill through your local rubbish collection.