green floral carpet


From mats to rugs through to underlay.

Research shows that 6 percent or 46 tonnes per week of textiles (carpet, clothing and fabric) is disposed to the Southland Regional Landfill each year.


There are alternatives to laying carpet and underlay

  • Polished wooden or concrete floors
  • Lay individual carpet tiles.  When a tile is worn, replace it (as opposed to replacing the whole carpet).


  • Check with the manufacturer if they have a carpet-recycling programme
  • Use in you garden as mulch or between rows of plants to prevent weeds
  • Cut up carpet for use as floor mats in hallways, in cars or to line the car boot
  • Cut into small circles and place under the feet of heavy furniture
  • Take old mats and rugs on camping holidays to use as a door-mat or flooring
  • Old pieces of carpet can be used to cover your compost bins/worm farm
  • Use as animal bedding
  • Donate it
  • On-sell it


No, carpet cannot be recycled, unless the manufacturer has a carpet-recycling programme


If you are unable to reuse your carpet, the next best practical option is to dispose of it at the landfill through your local transfer station.

Where do I dispose of it?