A pile of orange bricks

Brick and Rubble

Concrete, paving stones, bricks


Here are a few suggestions on what else you can do with bricks and rubble

  • A1 Demolition - accept bricks for reuse
  • Local builders maybe willing to use small amounts
  • Build features, fences or edging in your garden with left over bricks and stones
  • Use to weigh down nets or plastic sheeting
  • Put a used brick into your toilets cistern to conserve water
  • Build an outdoor BBQ



Bricks and rubble can be disposed to a cleanfill site, provide it contains no hazardous components.  Contact Environment Southland to find a cleanfill site operation near you or the Invercargill Waste Transfer Station accepts brick and rubble for disposal to cleanfill site.


Where do I dispose of it?