Baleage Wrap

Baleage Wrap

Bale wrap, silage wrap


An alternative to wrapping baleage into individual plastic wrapped parcels, is to place it in a concrete bunker on the side of a bank, so that chopped grass can be dumped in at the top and drawn from the bottom in winter. 

Baleage can also be placed in large heaps on the ground and rolled by tractor to push out all the air, then wrapped in plastic covered held tight by tyres.


Bale wrap can be recycled.

How do I recycle it?

Shake.Roll.Stuff - keep the wrap as clean as possible by immediately collecting it, shaking off the excess grass/mud, roll into a ball and stuff into a drum/container/bag for collection.


Where do I recycle it?
What happens to it?

At Southland disAbility Enterprises the collected baleage wrap in placed in specially designed industrial washing machines.  After it is washed, the wrap is baled and transported to a company who recycle the wrap into high-grade pallets for export to companys that make it into new plastic products i.e. new bale wrap, street furniture, fence posts.