Insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, DDT, 245T, dieldrin, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).   

Agrichemicals or agricultural chemicals refers to the various chemical products used in agriculture.  Many agrichemicals are toxic and when stored in bulk may pose an environmental or health risk, particularly in the event of accidental spills.  For more information on the appropriate storage of agrichemicals or what to do when a spill occurs contact the Pollution Prevention team at Environment Southland on 0800 76 8845

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Talk to your nearest farming supply store and ask about organic, biodegradeable and environmentally friendly alternative products.


Agrichemicals cannot be recycled.   The plastic container can be recycled.



Unwanted agrichemicals are a hazardous waste and require special treatment before they can be appropriately disposed of. 

How do I dispose of it?
  • Ensure that the chemical is appropriately labelled and is in a leak proof container. 
 Where do I dispose of it?
 What happens to it?

Agrichemicals are collected by professional chemical collectors.  The chemicals are neutralised and treated to the required National Standard and appropriately disposed.