Stories from Southlanders

Even as individuals we can make a world of difference. These case studies are about everyday Southlanders who are each contrubiting in their own ways to reduce their rubbish.

Case Studies

Rachelle Broere surrounded by the year's worth of junk mail delivered to her Invercargill mailbox

Crushed under the weight of junk mail

When Rachelle Broere started collecting junk mail delivered to her Invercargill mailbox a year ago, she never thought a year later it would amount to 33 kgs of paper.

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Winton's Green Thumb

Winton was extremely fortunate in 1966 when Peg Leach joined the Winton Garden Club, and started maintaining the Townships gardens.  Learn Peg's secret to keeping Winton's gardens beautiful.

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Keeping Lumsden Beautiful

Meet the Millars - Doreen and Ron - residents of Lumsden who have a passion for the environment and are prepared to keep it clean and litter free.

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Finding time to recycle

Despite a busy life and hectic schedule, SIT student Sharon Chun has still found the time to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours that minimise waste and reduce her impact on the environment.

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Reducing rubbish easier than first thought

Serena Trouson was surprised to discover just how little effort was needed to halve her weekly rubbish volumes and encourages everyone take up the Reduce Your Rubbish challenge.

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