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WasteNet Southland has a variety of teaching resources available.

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Thinking Beyond the bin - a Teacher Resource

Teacher Resource - Thinking Beyond the Bin

The "Thinking Beyond the Bin" education resource takes a closer look at the waste generated in the classroom and school environment, with a particular focus on school lunches.

This resource is designed to take students from an introduction of natural resources and their uses; to what happens to something when we are finished with it; to ways to conserve, prevent, compost and recycle.


  • To reduce the percentage of waste generated in school lunches
  • To provide a set of simple actions and tools for schools (and households) to reduce their school lunch waste
  • To increase the number of schools using environmentally friendly waste disposal methods e.g. reduction, composting, worm farming, bokashi and recycling.


Chapter One - Where does our waste go?

This chapter takes students on an introduction of natural resources and their uses, and what happens to something when we are finished with it.

Chapter Two - Get in the Loop

This chapter teaches students that there are more than just 3 R's and encourages them to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink!

Chapter Three - Packaging

This chapter helps students to identify how people are influenced to buy products through advertising and looks at the negative aspects of over-purchasing or buying over-packaged products.

Chapter Four - Create your own Eden

Over half of the waste generated in the school environment is organic.  This chapter looks at ways to reduce and recover food and garden waste at school through methods such as composting, worm farming and Bokashi.

Download the resource here - Thinking Beyond the Bin (5.35 MB)

Boardgame - The Waste Game

The Waste Game

Help your children grow through a fun educational boardgame that focuses on real world issues, that is Southland specific.

  • What should I recycle? Discover recycling tips as you empty the neighbourhoods wheelie bins
  • Learn about how and why to recycling while having fun
  • Group discussion and interaction for all players
  • Stimulating, fun, educational game play

 This boardgame can be played as a team (up to 10 players from ages 3+) and involves moving a truck piece around the board, collecting, sorting and emptying the neighbourhood bins.  

Created by local Southlander Mike Richards in collaboration with WasteNet Southland. 

You can purchase your own copy of the Boardgame through I-Cue/Educational Boardgames or contact WasteNet to borrow a copy.

Da Composti Code DVD cover image

Da Composti Code

In Da Composti Code, we join John (a very keen recycler) as he discovers that there is more to reducing waste than recycling alone.  John is bewildered one day to find that his banana skin and grass clippings will no longer stay in the wheelie bin! With the help of some local experts and waste gurus Lucy Grubb and Bruce C Gull, John sets out to unearth the secrets of recycling his organic waste and collect all the clues that will help him to break the mysterious Composti Code.

Da Composti Code explores issues related to organic waste and how it can be recycled into compost.  This resource follows on from the broader issues of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle which are covered in the preceding DVD Beat the Rubbish Blues

Running time - 20 minutes

Suitable for all ages.

This DVD is available to freely available to schools.  Contact Us to get your schools free copy today!

Make your own black gold.


From Create Your Own Eden, comes this practical guide on how to acheive successful composting, worm farming and bokashi systems in your school.  This resource provides guidance to teachers, school staff, caretakers and students on composting at school.

This guide provides practical assistance and checklists to ensure schools make the correct choice of composting system and to ensure that the construction, set up, maintenance and monitoring of each school compost system runs smoothly.   This guide is to be used in conjuction with the Create Your Own Eden website.

The kit includes:

  • Curriculum integration with an inquiry approach to learning about composting
  • Composting information, facts, a glossary and activity ideas for teachers
  • A data collection sheet
  • Seven learning activities
  • Three posters
  • Links to useful websites and a list of relevant school journals and books.

Download the Guide


Join Fizz (the Can) and an interesting Apple on their adventure into intrigue and discovery.  Fizz the soft-drink can is thrown from a car window and left all alone in the middle of nowhere.  With no other option, Fizz sets off on a journey to discover its place in a world where rubbish doesn't get the respect it deserves. 

Running Time: 8 minutes and 30 seconds          Themes: Littering, Rubbish

This DVD is only available for loan. Contact us to reserve your copy.


TV3's popular television series Wa$ted proved that you do not have to be extreme to be green.  This entertaining series is full of tips and hints to help reduce our impact on the planet and save cash on household bills.

Francesca Price and Tristan Glendinning use their unqiue eco-calculator to measure each family's terrifying impact on the planet, before putting them on a green regime to clean up their act.  Sound like hard graft? Fear not, the Wa$ted team have a cash price to prove being eco-friendly not only saves the planet, it saves cash!.  Watch all 10 episodes of TV3's hit environmental series to learn ways to save your planet and your money.

Also check out the Wa$ted! website

This DVD is available on loan.  Contact us to reserve your copy.