The Waste Game

The Waste Game is a new boardgame which has been developed as a tool to teach young minds about recycling and waste. The Waste Game was developed in 2016 by Southlander Mike Richards - an early childhood educator, in collaboration with WasteNet Southland.

Students at Surrey Park Early Learning Centre play the Waste Game with creator Mike Richards
Students at Surrey Park Early Learning Centre play
the Waste Game with creator Mike Richards.

The boardgame is played as a team and involves moving a truck piece around the board, collecting,sorting and emptying all the bins.  It can be played by up to 10 participants from ages 3+.

Mike crafted the game for young minds.  "Children respond to silliness and fun, this is the best way to get them learning about important issues" said Mike Richards. 

He develops games to help address social topics in a meaningful way that is fun and practical. Other boardgames available are - The Friendship Game; Mind your Manners; Emergency Services.

Mike said the games are tested by and developed in collaboration with kids every step of the way, so you know it works. 

They are built to last, printed on tough, roll-able vinyl to prevent wear and tear, and it wipes clean.

"The kids love it" said Mike. He recalls one player commenting - " its fun, I learnt that you can make new things out of old things."

The Waste Game teaches players about recycling, which will get pssed onto the other members of the home and the wider community. 

The game encourages kids to take responsbility for the waste they produce, and think about solutions to waste problems. 

The game also inspires discussion about reusing or repurposing items which may typically be seen as "waste".

The boardgame can be played at home or used in schools and early learning centres to meet learning objectives such as:

  • what is recyclable?
  • how to reduce waste?
  • reusing and/or repurposing waste
  • counting and logic.

"It is great to have a Southland specific boardgame, that allows players to have fun while learning" said Donna Peterson, Senior Waste Officer, WasteNet Southland.  "This boardgame is an opportunity to support a locally produced educational resource which encourages learning around waste and recycling in a Southland setting."

The game promotes waste awareness, and incorporates the concept of the 3-R's being Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.

Where do I get a copy of the boardgame?