Teaching Resources

Explore the wide range of Southland specific waste resources available to teachers for download or loan.

This includes field trips, lesson plans, DVDs, books, posters, case studies, activities, guest speakers, fact sheets and stage productions.

Available teaching resources

Thinking Beyond the bin - a Teacher Resource

Teacher Resource - Thinking Beyond the Bin

This teachers resource takes a closer look at the waste generated in the classroom and school environment, with a particular focus on school lunches.

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Explore that vault of resources available to gift or loan to schools and students, including the Da Composti Code DVD, Trashtalk DVD, teaching Kits like Thinking Beyond the Bin and much more.

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Boardgame - The Waste Game

"NEW" The Waste Game

The Waste Game is a NEW Boardgame created by Southlander Mike Richards.   The game is a collaborative, fun and great tool for teaching kids of all ages how to Recycle Right and care for our world.

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