Recycling and Waste Activities

Here is our collection of fun, practical and education activities for students of all ages to learn about reducing, reusing, recycling and rubbish.


Waverley Park students demonstrating their sandwich cloth wraps

Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Plastic food wrap is a waste material in all our lunchboxes.  But what if there was an easy, make it yourself, alternative?  Here is an easy activity for making your own reusable sandwich wrap so you can say goodbye to plastic food wrap forever!

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Room 6's (Waverley Park) Gladwrap Snail made from 1 weeks glad-wrap (83 pieces)

Wrap Snails

Wrap Snails are an awesome activity to visually show how much plastic food wrap is used in school lunches.   All you need to do this activity is a weeks worth of plastic food wrap.

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Reduce It

The best and simpliest way to reduce the rubbish we make is not to make it in the first place.  This activity helps students identify and develop waste reduction actions.

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Reuse It

Waste comes in all shapes and sizes.  It can be reused in many different ways.  This activity teaches students that waste isn't rubbish its a resource.

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Disposable vs Durable

Modern conveniences of disposables have led to a shift in consumer habits.  While disposables provide some benefits, they also pose serious consequences, particularly when it comes to their disposal.  This activity teaches students the difference between disposable and durable.

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