Southland is fortunate to have a relatively unspoilt environment. The land is productive and offers some of the most distinctive landscapes in New Zealand. Our rivers, lakes and sea are generally clean and the air quality is higher than many other parts of New Zealand.

Southland (and the rest of the world) faces the challenge of using resources whilst ensuring that our environment and our health are not harmed, both now and into the future.  WasteNet has a vision of "a sustainable Southland".  A key factor in achieving this vision is education. 


Available resources

Paper bricks made by Waverley Kindergarten students from shredded paper

Show and Tell

Share and celebrate the great work you have been doing at school with other students. Send us you story of learning about waste and we'll post it here.

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Fun Facts

Did you know recycled paper is made from waste paper, usually mixed with fresh wood pulp.   Did you know that recycling 1 aluminium can saves enough energy to run a light bulb for 4 hours.  Find out more fascinating facts and figures about waste and recycling.

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The majority of rubbish generated at school is recyclable (paper and cardboard) or compostable (food waste).  Find out how to set up recycling in your school and the secrets to keeping it going.

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Waverley Park students test their recycling knowledge with origami finger cubes


Fun activities for children of all ages to learn about waste and recycling.

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World of Waste Field Trip

The World of Waste Tour can ignite students interst on the topic of waste or be used to reward students allowing them to physically see what they have been learning about in the classroom.

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A student making an envelope from an old magazine

Teacher Resources

WasteNet Southland produces a wide range of waste teaching resources specific to Southland.  This includes field trips, lesson plans, DVDs, books, posters, case studies, activities, guest speakers, fact sheets and stage productions.

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