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The Container Recycling programme enables farmers, growers and contractors to recycle their agrichemical plastic containers.

Disposal of plastics is a persistant and growing problme for the rural sector throughout New Zealand, with millions of agrichemical and animal health containers used nationwide each year.   The Agrecovery Container Recycling Programme provides farmers with an environmentally sustainable solution for the recovery of on-farm plastic containers.

The Container Recycling programme is financed by a levy on every litre/kilo of eligible product that participating brand owners place onto the New Zealand market. This levy is then paid to the Agrecovery Foundation to operate the programme.

How it works

Farmers, growers and contractors can take eligible triple rinsed containers, from 1 to 60 litres in size, to Agrecovery collection sites for recycling.  There are three sites in Southland:

  • Vet South Ltd, 44 Diana Street, Lumsden (Agrecovery service hours: Monday to Friday 10am - 2pm)
  • Winton Transfer Station, 193 Florence Road, Winton (Agrecovery service hours: first Saturday every month 1pm to 5pm)
  • Advance Agriculture Ltd, 14 Tamworth Lane, Gore (Agrecovery service hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm)

Only brands / products belonging to the participating Agrecovery brand owners will be accepted for take back.

Agrecovery collects the plastic containers using a specially designed mobile processing truck which shreds and delivers them to a New Zealand plastic recycling company.  The plastic is then processed and converted to a range of products including underground utility cable covers.

Get Rinsing

Most plastic HDPE(2) agrichemical and animal health containers can be recycled through the Agrecovery progarmme including some HDPE Plastic Pails.   Before your containers can be accepted for recycling they must first be "triple rinsed".    After the container has been triple rinsed, remove the lid and puncture the container (if possible).  Do not remove the label as this proves the container is eligible for take back. 

How to triple rinse:

  1. Partially fill the container with clean water and replace the cap securely
  2. Shake the container vigorously for at least 30 seconds, so that the rinse water reaches all inside surfaces
  3. Pour the agrichemical rinsate into the dispensing tank.  Let it drain for an extra 30 seconds after the flow reduces to drops.

For more detailed information download the Agrecovery Container Recycling Programme brochure or conact Agrecovery.


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