Remember to BYO bag

The hardest thing about using reusable bags is not what style or type to use but to remember to take them with you. Here are some hints to help you remember your bag/s.

5 Tips for remembering your bag/s

Leave the bags in your vehicle

To make sure you always have the bag/s with you - leave them in your vehicle.  That way if you get to the store door and forgot them you only have to walk back to the parked vehicle.

Put them back in the vehicle

After you have emptied your bags, put them back in the vehicle straight away or at least put them at the back door.

Carry your shopping list in the bag

By placing your shopping list in the reusable bag your won't forget your list or the bag.

Put the bags in the front seat

Before you leave for the supermarket, take your bags from the vehicles boot and place them on the front seat.

Carry a compact bag in your handbag

Compact bags that fit in your handbag are great for those occassional impluse purchases (and when you've left your other bags on the kitchen table).