How to use the yellow recycling bin

All eligible properties are issued with a yellow-lidded mobile bin for the collection of recycling by their local Council.

Each Council has a different collection time, frequency, bin size and may not accept the same acceptable items. 

 Collection  Gore District Council  Invercargill City Council Southland District Council
 Type  Glass recycling only  Commingled recycling  Commingled recycling
 Frequency  Every 4th week  Fortnightly  Fortnightly
 Time  Before 7am  Before 7:30am  Night before
 Bin size  240-litres  240-litres  240-litres

What goes in Gore District Council yellow-lidded bin?

Clean glass bottles and jars only.  It is not necessary to remove labels or metal rings. 

No lids, heatproof glass i.e. glass cookware, drinking glasses, mirror glass, window glass, pot lids, candles, perfume bottles, light bulbs, deodorant bottles.  These items can go in the red rubbish bin.

What goes in the yellow-lidded bin?

Invercargill City Council and Southland District Council have a commingled yellow recycling bin service.
  • Plastic bottles, clear and coloured
  • Plastic containers, pots, tubs, trays and soft plastics
  • Metal cans and tins
  • Non-food grade white polystyrene
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Glass food and beverage packaging (bottles and jars).
How to prepare the recyclables:
  • Empty, clean and dry (Wash and DON’T Squash)
  • Do not flatten the plastic bottles, metal cans and tins
  • Flatten the paper and cardboard
  • Lids, caps, bottle neck rings, film lids, pumps and triggers removed and placed in the RED BIN

For more detailed information on what you can commingle recycle - see: what can go in commingled yellow recycling bin.

What cannot go in the commingled yellow recycling bin?

  • Dirty and/or unwashed plastic, metal and metal cans
  • Food waste
  • Clothing, fabrics and shoes
  • Drinking glasses, window or windscreen glass
  • Rubber, tyres and hosing
  • Building materials and garden waste
  • Electrical appliances, cords and cables
  • Batteries
  • General rubbish.
See the Orange Pages for information on how to dispose of these items.

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