Garston Recycle Centre

9 Athol Garston Highway, Garston. Open 24/7


The Garston Recycle Centre is located on the Athol Garston Highway beside the Post Office Boxes. 

Material Accepted

  • Paper (newspaper, magazines, junkmail, books, mail, envelopes, cards)
  • Cardboard (boxes, packaging, cereal boxes)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Tin and Steel cans
  • Plastic - types 1 and 2  (milk bottles, soft drink bottles, bathroom and laundry containers)
  • Glass bottles and jars

Material Not Accepted

  • Clothing
  • Plastic - types 3 to 7
  • Window glass
  • Dirty paper or cardboard


Garston Recycling Centre located at 9 Athol Garston Highway, Garston