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Almost every activity using materials and energy generates waste from mining to manufacturing.   Waste is what people throw away because they no longer needed or wanted.  We get rid of it by putting it in the rubbish bin.  But do we need to make so much waste?

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Where can I recycle?

Find out where your nearest recycle centre is and what recyclables they accept.

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Rubbish Collection

Find out what recycling and rubbish services are available in your area.

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Where do I take my rubbish?

Southland has a network of Waste Transfer Stations (refuse sites/dumps) that accept household, farm and business rubbish.  There are also recycle drop off centres scattered throughout the region that accept recycling from households at no charge.  Find out where you can dispose of your rubbish and where you can recycle for free.

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Waste Minimisation

Almost every activity using materials generates waste, but waste does not have to be wasted.  Learn how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish and make a difference.

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Quick Facts and Figures

Data is collected from every load of recycling and rubbish that is processed.   We know how many people put their bins out, what the average weight of the bins are, how much rubbish is in the bins, and more. 

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