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The Resource News is the seasonal newsletter produced by WasteNet Southland.

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Cover for the Spring 2013 Resource News

Resource News - Spring 2013

Kia Ora, welcome to the Spring edition of Resource News.  In this edition, find out how you can put a spring in someone's step by donating your unwanted sports equipment to schools and community organisations throught Sport Southland's "Pass it On" initative.

Read how First National are taking a pro-active approach to help keep Invercargill's streets litter-free and discover how Thornbury School has brought a whole new meaning to the terms "reduce, reuse and recycle".

And don't miss out on reading up on the awesome efforts to recycle at this years ILT KidZone Festival and joint us to celebrate this seasons local heroes - Gore's Pakeke Lions.

And if that's not enough - we've also got 5 top tips for a sustainable spring and 12 handy hints to kick start your compost! 

We hope you enjoy this edition of Resource News.

Cover for the Winter Edition of Resource News

Resource News - Winter 2013

Kia Ora, welcome to the Winter edition of Resource News.  The weather may be mild, but this season is going to be wild with so many exciting events scheduled to take place! The Invercargill Environment Centre has their Upcycled Fashion (14 June), Nichols Garden Centre is running a Winter Composting Workshop (15 June), nominations for the UnpackIt Awards close (5 July), we've got event recycling at the ILT KidZone Festival (17-22 July) and don't forget TV Takeback is still going. 

We catch up with Matt Turnball and find out how his Bokashi Composting System is going, Southland DisAbility Enterprises confirms that the new Anchor Lightproof milk bottle is recyclable, and we hear from St Peter's College students who are tackling litter.  And we met the Baker family, who are a family dedicated to recycling. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of Resource News.

cover page of the Autumn edition of Resource News

Resource News - Autumn 2013

Kia Ora, welcome to the autumn edition of Resource News.  The next three months are really exciting with Southland switching over to the digital TV network, Environment Southland and Agrecovery collecting unwanted chemicals, release of our new Teachers' Resource, and we can't forget about Easter!

This season we are introducing a new segment to our newsletter called "Local Heroes".   Our first local hero is Bluff's very own "Tracker" Black.  If you have anyone you would like to nominate for our "Local Heroes" section we'd love to hear from you!

Also in this edition, we've got a solution for your autumn leaf crisis as well as our 5 tops tips for reducing waste this Easter. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of Resource News.

Resource News Summer 2012 Edition

Resource News - Summer 2012

Kia Ora, welcome to the summer edition of Resource News. The temperature is rising and the silly seauson is now among us. Here at WasteNet we have come up with five easy steps towards a more sustainable summer and ten top tips to help you have an eco-friendly Christmas.

This season you will also read about how to 'eco-clean' your car, and find out where and how you can reuse and repair your old bike.  Take a look at some exciting things currently happening in our community with the South Alive team and Makarewa Playcentre.  Finally, for those of you holidaying around the South Island this summer, we have included some information on your nearest recycling facilities.  We hope you enjoy this edition of Resource News.

Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas and an enjoyable summer!


Waste-Resource News - Spring 2012

Kia Ora, welcome to the first edition of WasteNet Southland's "Resource News" newsletter.  This season you will read about how to compost organic waste to produce your own garden fertiliser, just in time for Spring.  You will get the low down on the nasties found in some of our everyday household cleaning products, and ways that you can avoid them when it comes to spring cleaning.  We have also included a sneak peek at what happens to our recycling and rubbish beyond the kerb, as well as interesting waste facts. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of "Resource News".