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You can ask a question on any waste topic - paper recycling, rubbish collection, how to minimise the rubbish in your garage, what to do with used oil, where is my nearest recycling centre. 

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Questions and Answers

Q. What can people do with the small gas canisters (used in tramping) when they are emptied?  

A. Gas canisters are made from metal, and can be recycled through your nearest scrap metal merchant.  

Q. Any ideas what to do with tetra-pak besides bin it?  Does Southland Enterprises recycle it?

A.  Yes tetra-paks (cardboard milk cartons) are recyclable.  Southland disAbilities Enterpries (formerly Southland Enterprises) accepts them for recycling through their drop-off centre in Bond Street, Invercargill.  Please make sure the tetra-pak carton is empty and rinsed before disposing of it for recycling.

Q. Can you tell me the date of the old computer and printer collection for schools and families?

A. We will not be having another eDay in Southland, as we've got eDay everyday.  Southland disAbility Enterprises Inc accept old computers, printers and other household electrical equipment between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm weekdays.  Please note there is a $10 charge for monitors and TV's, as this equipment cannot be dismantled in Southland. 

They are located at 28 Ettrick Street, Invercargill.  If you have a large amount of gear to dispose of, please give them a ring first on (03) 214 6188.

Q. When I drop off my plastic/paper/glass at the Bond Street recycle centre, where are these things going to be processed for reuse? Is is local? In NZ? or Overseas?

A. Recyclable items dropped off at the Bond Street recycle centre are sorted, baled and transported to various national and international markets to be reprocessed into new products.  What market (NZ or overseas) the recyclable materials end up at, depends on the price being offered for the product.  Last year a new plastic recycling plant was opened in Christchurch, and some of Southland's plastics has gone there.

Q. Where can we buy worms to set up a worm farm?  What sort of cost is involved?

A.  You can contact the Southland Worm Breeders Association through Cheryl Noble (phone 214-6467), they will be able to help you get in touch with a member who sells worms.  For 250 grams of worms you are looking at a cost of $25.  And 250 grams is a good starting volume for an average household sized worm farm.