Recycle at Home

Recycling is easy and can involve the whole family.

The 4 easy steps

Recycle at your back door

7 out of 10 Southlanders have access to recyclng services, whether that is a kerbside collection or a drop off centre.  Find out what recycling service is provided in your area.

Find out what your Council recycles

Different Councils collect different materials, although most collect paper and cardboard.  Find out what materials are recycled in your area.

Sort your rubbish

Now that you know what items can be recycled, find a handy place to store them (kerbside crate, box, basket).  Don't forget to educate and encourage everyone in your house to sort their rubbish.  If practical store your recyclables by the rubbish bin, then when you go to the rubbish bin, you are reminded to check if it is recyclable.

Put out your recycling

If you have access to a kerbside recycle collection, find out what your day your recycling is collected. 

If you have access to recycle centres, combine your weekly supermarket trip with dropping off the recycling.