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Each Southlander disposes of 545kg of rubbish and 101kg of recyclables every year.

The home is a great place to start changing our habits and practice - reduce, reuse, refill, repair and recycle.  Find out how easy it is to recycle, minimise waste from every room, maintain a low-waste garden, how to build a compost bin or worm farm and learn the secrets of the savyy shopper.

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Rachelle Broere surrounded by the year's worth of junk mail delivered to her Invercargill mailbox

Crushed under the weight of junk mail

When Rachelle Broere started collecting junk mail delivered to her Invercargill mailbox a year ago, she never thought a year later it would amount to 33 kgs of paper.

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Recycle at Home

Explore the world of recycling, looking specifically at what we can do at home

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Food Glorious Food

There is nothing like sitting down to a home cooked meal.  But what do you do with the leftovers (and the packaging)?  Here you will find tips to minimise your kitchen scraps, save money on grocery bills and how to build a worm farm.

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Creating Eden

Find out how you can grow and maintain your own Eden using smart gardening techniques.  Learn the secrets of making compost and putting your garden waste to work for you.

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Cloth bags are a great alternative to plastic bags

Shopping smarter

The simplest way to tackle our waste problem is to reduce the amount of waste we make.  And what better way to reduce rubbish than by going shopping!

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Sort your waste into foodwaste, recycling and rubbish at the Junior Worlds

Stories from Southlanders

Even as individuals we can make a world of difference.  These case studies are about everyday Southlanders who are each contrubiting in their own ways to reduce their rubbish.

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Floor plan of a house.

Room by Room

Explore the rooms in your home and find out how to minimise waste, what you can recycle and how to add value to your rubbish.

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