Reduce Grass Clippings

Leave grass clippings on the lawn when mowing

Lawns take a lot of work to maintain and during the summer you can be mowing them once or twice a week.   According to Wikipedia – 93 square metres of lawn can product 90 to 225kg of grass clippings in a year.   So what do you do with the grass clippings that are the byproduct of all your diligent labour?   Grasscyclling maybe your answer.

Grasscycling refers to leaving grass clippings on the lawn when mowing.  The term combines ‘grass’ and ‘recycling’ and come into use as part of a push to reduce the huge quantities of grass going to landfill.  

Although removing grass clippings from your lawn creates a more polished look, leaving grass clippings on your lawn (or grasscycling) benefits your lawn and the environment. 

Grass clippings quickly decompose, returning valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphoruse to your lawn.  This improves your lawns health and reduces the amount of fertiliser (if any) your lawn needs.   

And by leaving the grass clippings on the lawn you’ll have your lawns mowed in no time. 

If you don’t want to leave your grass clippings on your lawn, don’t send them to Landfill!  Grass clippings are fine to go in your compost bins, or use as mulch around your trees plants and shrubs, or take to your local transfer stations greenwaste area.