The Dirty Dozen - the 12 recycling rules for Southland Councils yellow bins

The Dirty Dozen

WasteNet Southland and Southland disAbility Enterprises have created 12 recycling rules for the Councils yellow bins.

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Group photo of James Hargest College SSC Students at Pleasure Bay Reserve

Hargest students discover the Wonderful World Of Waste

On Tuesday 11 June, James Hargest College SSC Science class went on a World of Waste (WoW) tour to learn about what happens to waste in Southland as part of their "Earth our home" topic.

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Polishing a car with the ENJO Polishing Cloth

Five simple steps to eco-clean your car

Think twice before you reach for that bottle of carwash this summer. Check out our five simple steps to clean your car with no chemicals!

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Emily Osborne of the Bluff Hill Environment Trust showing off some of the rubbish collected on a small clean up of the Bluff coastline.

Cleaning Up Southland

This picture gallery is dedicated to all the people who are helping to keep Southland beautiful.  Thank you for keeping Southland clean and green!

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Paper bricks made by Waverley Kindergarten students from shredded paper

Waverley Kindergarten is "Resource Wise"

Ever heard the saying "one mans junk is another mans treasure?".  This saying rings true for the children and teachers at Waverley Kindergarten in Invercargill.

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Waverley Park students test their recycling knowledge with origami finger cubes

Creative kids from Room 6 Waverley Park School

Check out the crafty ways Room 6 students came up with to reuse items and reduce the rubbish in their lunchbox.

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Protect Oreti Beach Logo

Protect Oreti Beach Campaign - Summer 2009/10

Here is the gallery of photo's taken during the Protect Oreti Beach Clean Up, held this summer.  And a "Big" thank you to the people and organisations who helped remove 3.3 tonnes of rubbish off our beach.

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